Hi! My name is Areeya and I live in Bangkok, Thailand. I am now 23 years old and I have been living in the city for many years, although recently I have been thinking that I may want to live in Phuket Island next year; it is so beautiful there.


I hope you like my small web page; we made it so that I could show a few photos of myself and also so I could have a contact page so that I can meet new friends from the west. As you can see, I am a Ladyboy! I was born a boy 23 years ago but I much prefer living like a lady and now that I am an adult and living on my own I can live the way that I choose.


I love living in Thailand and if you can come visit here someday I would be happy to show you around my beautiful country, and we could have fun! I am very open-minded and like to have fun. Here is my address and fone number, but PLEASE only write if you are serious about coming to Thailand very soon; it costs money for me to use the internet and I really don't have a lot of time for pen pal letters.

My E-mail address is: Thai_sexy@hotmail.com 


and my cell fone number : 07 - 917 - 2906

Thank you for stopping by... Please say Hi sometime!

Love, Areeya






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