Hi Everyone, and welcome to my personal website! My name is Chelsie, and I live in the beautiful tropical island of Cebu in the heart of the Philippines. This is my home page, and I hope to make some new friends from around the world who would like to make contact with a nice girl from Asia.

As for myself, I am now 22 years old and love all things that a typical girl my age would like: fashion, beauty, shopping, hanging out with my friends and going to malls and things like that. In case you haven't been able to see yet, I am really a ladyboy! which means that I was born as a boy but now I prefer to live my life as a lady and I enjoy it so much, and have lived as a female for years now.



As you can see, I live in a very beautiful place. Cebu is a tropical paradise in the Visayas region of the Philippines and I love to go to the ocean in my bikini as you can see here. I hope that I can convince you to come and visit me on my beautiful island home and we can become friendly. Please notice that my contact information is here on this page, so please feel free to write or call me sometime and we can get to know each other better.

Thank You so much for visiting my website! I hope to hear from you all soon.

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Thank you for stopping by, please say Hi sometime!

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